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At Nūr Medical Spa, you will experience treatment from the most advanced technology in the industry. We use the latest models from the biggest names on the market. Providing the highest level of care to our clients is what is most important to us at Nūr, which is why we strive to keep a technological advantage over any other medical spa or treatment center. If you’re looking for unrivaled quality in both overall experience and treatment options, look no further than Nūr Medical Spa.


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Robert S. Davis, MD, FAANS
Hema Edupuganti, MD

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We use products that work. Period. At Nūr we do not reach for unknown names or cheaper solutions. It is incredibly important to us that all of our clients are treated with safe and effective products. Products that are trusted to show results. This is why we use proven brands for every product on our line and always consider quality to be the most important element. Schedule your appointment today and experience our commitment to excellence.

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At Nūr Medical Spa, we value the little things and want to create an atmosphere where our clients feel like they can relax. We host Tea Time every day in which we serve a selection of organic teas from the White Lion Traditional Tea line. We will be featuring a different tea each week. Join us anytime for tea.

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