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Nūr Medical Spa’s Gift Guide for Her (and Him!) This 2019 Holiday Season

December 13, 2019

It’s that time of the year again: you have to make your list and check it twice. As we’ve all come to learn, though—playing Santa can be stressful! Not only does your list become increasingly cluttered with names each year, but it’s also become more challenging to find the right gift for each individual. You just consider yourself to be someone who puts careful consideration into each purchase, and we don’t blame you! There’s nothing more satisfying than nailing down the perfect gift idea. 

So, what better gift to give this season than the gift of health & wellness? No other medical spa in the Baton Rouge area can simultaneously cater to your medical and aesthetic needs in the same attentive way as Nūr, and we have some great gift ideas in mind for her (and him!)— just in time for the 2019 Holiday Season. 

A Gift for Her: ZO Skin Health’s Daily Skin Care Program 

As your skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s something that you want to take care of, especially since it acts as a waterproof, insulating shield that protects you from extreme temperatures, damaging UV rays, and harmful chemicals. The skin also exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection, manufacture vitamin D to strengthen bones, and serve as a bodily sensor, packed with nerves to trigger all of your impulses—all in all, pretty vital stuff. 

ZO Skin Health’s Daily Skin Program is a good place to start when it comes to creating a more stringent daily regimen. The kit, available at Nūr Medical Spa, covers every necessary facet of a well-rounded skincare routine, from its exfoliating cleanser that unclogs pores to its daily power defense, a retinol-based, anti-aging protocol. The Daily Skin Program also includes exfoliation polish and complexion pads for only [insert price]. What a steal of a deal—and the perfect way to help your loved one invest in something truly important! 

A Gift for Him: Vitamin IV Therapy 

Are the holidays hitting your significant other hard this year? You know, it’s the usual combination of too little sleep, too much travel, and a healthy supply of alcoholic eggnog, which leaves him (and you) feeling anything but jolly. Give your hard-working guy a bit of replenishment this holiday season with Vitamin IV Therapy. This treatment is now available at Nūr Medical Spa during our normal office hours, and you can call anytime to make an appointment! 

Vitamin IV Therapy treats a number of different ailments, including the cold and flu, migraines, stomach bugs, anxiety, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, and more. Due to its wide-ranging list of benefits, this will be the gift that your special someone never even realized that he needed... well, until Christmas morning. Let Vitamin IV Therapy work its magic and provide the pure hydration, vital nutrients, and essential amino acids that your life partner’s body is craving the most. 

A Gift for Her: LATISSE® 

The presence of healthy eyelashes is a clear indication of one’s overall health. Plus, thick, dark, and full eyelashes have been historically associated with notions of beauty and femininity. Yet, it’s no secret that women are frustrated with using clunky mascara, and many claim that they don’t have time to devote to applying a set of false eyelashes. Give the “Latisse Difference” to your cherished lady this holiday season with LATISSE® solution, a treatment that stimulates eyelash growth. LATISSE® is a topical solution that should be applied once nightly during your special someone’s skincare routine, helping her to develop the movie star eyelashes of her dreams. 

With LATISSE®, users may begin to see results in as little as four weeks and achieve full growth in merely sixteen weeks. The life-changing formula is made possible by bimatoprost, the active ingredient in LATISSE® that encourages real lash growth. Even though the exact mechanisms of LATISSE® remain somewhat of a mystery, aestheticizes believe that the process has two distinct phases. The first phase increases the length of your lashes, while the second improves upon the number of eyelash hairs present. Trust us when we say that LATISSE® is nothing short of a Christmas miracle! 

A Gift for Him: HydraFacial 

Your guy may see a facial as more of a feminine regimen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, men need facials, too—and perhaps even more so than their female counterparts! Why? Well, not only do men shave their faces often —sometimes, multiple times per week— but their skin also produces more oil and can be prone to sun damage, since like other forms of skin treatment, men typically fail to apply sunscreen daily. There’s a solution to keeping his skin radiant and beautiful for years to come, though, and they’re called HydraFacials! 

As patented technology that aims to cleanse, extract, and hydrate, HydraFacials will take your special someone through the entire spectrum of a solid, fool-proof skincare routine. Whether you purchase the Signature, Deluxe, or Platinum package, his skin will feel rejuvenated once the antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid take effect. After the initial treatment leaves his skin feeling clean, refreshed, and smooth, he will also have the option of LED Light Therapy, depending on which package you choose to purchase. Seriously, where can you go wrong with this gift? Your man will be looking “Brad Pitt hot” in the next 20 years! 

Would you like to know more about the products or services on our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide? Don’t hesitate to call Nūr Medical Spa at (225) 255-2963 for more details on these items —and all of our offerings. Remember, it’s never too late to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

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