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November 11, 2019

Several years ago, when someone confided that they were “going under the knife” for a cosmetic procedure, they meant it quite literally. At the time, many popular procedures, like fat reduction and body contouring, were invasive— think liposuction. Over the past decade, however, there’s been a shift to non-invasive procedures that can be done quickly in an office environment with little downtime required of the patient afterward. 

For these reasons, non-invasive body contouring services, like UltraShape and VelaShape, have become more commonly offered at venues such as Nūr Medical Spa. However, the UltraShape technology differs from that of the VelaShape, and it’s important to know the differences, so you can get the desired results you’re seeking. 

What is UltraShape? 

UltraShape destroys fat cells, with pulsed, focused ultrasound technology that doesn’t rely on heat. Our certified technicians will expertly navigate the areas that you wish to target on your body, using the ultrasound’s frequency on the designated focal point(s) at the subcutaneous fat layer. Because the treatment only focuses on a specific area of the body, there is no inflammation or harm done to the structures (blood vessels, nerves, etc.) around the area being addressed. Outside of ultrasound frequency, UltraShape technology utilizes a Vertical Dynamic Focus—commonly referred to as VDF—transducer that can target multiple depths of fat in a single pulse. 

The great thing about UltraShape? It has the ability to treat areas of the stomach, hips, and thighs that have proven to be resistant to proper diet and regular exercise. After UltraShape destroys fat cells, they are released into the body as triglycerides, processed through the liver, and eliminated naturally. The complete elimination of these fat cells is a benefit of UltraShape that you won’t see with natural methods of weight loss. Because fat cells are completely eliminated and not just shrunken, results are nearly instantaneous and all the more rewarding. 

What is VelaShape? 

VelaShape, on the other hand, integrates various technologies to heat fat cells, the surrounding connective tissue, and dermal collagen fibers. By using a combination of infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, pulsed vacuum technology, and massage rollers, VelaShape causes a reduction of skin laxity, which improves your skin's structure and texture and stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin. 

Not only does VelaShape gradually smooth out your skin, but it will also provide a noticeable reduction in fat, cellulite and circumference. During the treatment, the technician will apply lotion to the targeted area and use all four components of VelaShape technology to help you achieve a cellulite-free look in approximately three sessions. 

Now that you know the inner workings of the UltraShape and VelaShape treatments, how do you decide which one is the best for you? Well, at Nūr Medical Spa, we believe UltraShape and VelaShape work their true magic when used together. Their respective technologies compliment one another, with one selectively targeting and destroying fat cells and the other offering circumference and cellulite reduction and skin tightening. Both are a great solution for excess fat, loose skin, and unwanted cellulite. 

If you think that either of these treatments— or both— would be a good option for you, call us at (225) 255-2963, or request an appointment online

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