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At Nūr Medical Spa, you will experience treatment from the most advanced technology in the industry. We use the latest models from the biggest names on the market. Providing the highest level of care to our clients is what is most important to us at Nūr, which is why we strive to keep a technological advantage over any other medical spa or treatment center. If you’re looking for unrivaled quality in both overall experience and treatment options, look no further than Nūr Medical Spa.

zo skin health

ZO is a medical grade skin care line clinically proven to transform and maintain healthy skin.

At Nur we do our own trials and research to make sure every product has our stamp of approval before making a skin care recommendation to our patients. Through the power of science ZO has shown us the results that match the claim to each and every one of their products.

zo skin health


for the most important step we highly suggest rotating the hydrating and exfoliating cleanser


complexion renewal pads exfoliate dead skin cells to allow for better product penetration while balancing the Ph of your skin


hands down nothing compares to wrinkle & texture repair's approach that penetrates directly to the source (dermis) in order to stimulate collagen, in our opinion the fastest among all else


growth factor serum is consistently in high demand and we believe you can't have flawless skin without it. this product can drastically transform your skin by improving uneven texture, enlarged pores, tone, reduces inflammation, and reverses the signs of aging like fine lines & crepey skin

firming serum drastically reverses crepey skin and fine lines similar to a skin tightening treatment

growth factor eye serum will be finalize your search for the best eye product there is. we consider this product as more than just skin care but as an under eye treatment that reverses fine lines, smoothens skin texture, reduces the visibility of wrinkles surrounding the eye area

hydrating cream moisturizer that is extremely light weight and calms inflammation while shrinking your pores and can be used to heal eczema, reduce psoriasis, and eliminate skin rashes


pigment control creme is for anyone that thought tanning was a good idea at any point in time and now battles the dreadful sun damage left behind

rozatrol plays a huge role in what makes a good skin care regimen work with its ability to calm inflammation and treat redness while also being multi-functioning and treating texture and pore size as well

acne control neutralizes bacteria-causing breakouts while drastically clearing clogged pores at the same time

sulfur mask is always our go-to if your excessive oil production is the cause of your congestion and breakouts

brightalive skin brightener is a non-retinol/hydroquinone that safely and effectively evens out your skin tone and prevents future damage


smart tone spf 50 is a medical grade sun screen that protects against sun damage, environmental factors, heat and free radical damage, while it also has anti-oxidants that supply your skin with vitamins and nutrients to reverse discoloration

sunscreen + primer has a similar claim to the smart tone spf as it also protects to its ability but its primer smooths and mattifies the skin for minimal coverage

Skin Ceuticals

Skin Ceuticals products are backed by science and trial research making it nearly impossible to consider just one product their best seller.

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Skin Ceuticals


LHA cleanser decongest pores as well as a treatment and we believe you can't clear congestion and breakouts without it


LHA toner in conjunction with their cleanser is the duo you need for any type of breakouts


ha intensifier is our #1 recommendation above all else that helps restore your natural hyaluronic acid levels to restore hydration, moisture, and plump to correct crepey fine lines

phyto + is the anti-inflammatory your never knew you needed in your regimen that reverses discoloration, improves skin tone, and calms redness all at the same time

daily moisture for normal to oily skin because oil production means you are actually lacking moisture and luckily this product manages to shrink the size of your oil gland resulting in less oil production

ce ferulic is the holy grail of vitamin c serums and there is no comparison to this product

epidermal repair is the best, most rich and replenishing moisturizer that also seals in the products you applied before resulting in better product penetration/absorption


retexturizing activator is an oil-free serum that simultaneously exfoliates dead skin cells and replenishes moisture levels to drastically improve the texture, tone, and quality of your skin

AGE interrupter is a high concentrated anti-wrinkle cream proven to improve all the signs of aging on both your face & neck

phyto corrective gel is an IPL or BBL treatment in a bottle that reduces red/inflamed skin better than any other product we've seen

antioxidant lip repair not only restores moisture levels for long lasting hydration with its vitamins and nutrients but it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and volume loss seen with aging

body tightening concentrate is a product that actually does help with the visibility of cellulite and crepey aging skin as result from weakened skin elasticity and age

blemish and age defense is the last spot treatment for pimples you will ever need


physical fusion uv defense spf 50 is a tinted sunscreen made with 100% mineral filters designed to give you medical grade protection in order to maintain healthy skin

Elta Md

Elta MD products are widely known for their unique formulations, benefits, and added nutrients designed specifically to heal and protect your skin as our pre and post care for all treatments.

Elta Md


using makeup remover and wipes can be harmful to your skin causing issues you will later have to treat this is why elta md foaming facial cleanser is suggested in every single regimen we recommend to use as your makeup remover


elta moisturizer is ideal for post treatments as it is designed to protect and restore without clogging your skin


spf 41 is designed for sensitive skin or post laser treatments and also has a nice universal tint that reduces red inflamed skin while giving a matte appearance to make your skin look smoother

uv elements broad spectrum spf 44 is an extremely gentle and hydrating tinted sunscreen that gives you a nice healthy glow

uv replenish broad spectrum spf 44 is a 100% physical sunscreen with no tint that blends into your skin tone easily with its hydrating and moisturizing properties

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale cosmetics is considered skin care makeup that uses clean ingredients formulated as an extension of your skin care regimen to improve the quality of your skin while also giving you full coverage without compromising your skin.

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Jane Iredale


primer is the platform that indicates how your makeup will look and how long-lasting it will be. Jane Iredale smooth affair is light-weight, calming, minimizes pore size and fine lines and once you experience it you won't be able to use anything else


bb cream is our top selling foundation and lays beautifully on top of our smooth affair primer without creasing and last the entire day. non-comedogenic and will not clog your skin

beyond matte liquid gives your skin the appearance of bridal makeup every single day and feels like you're wearing nothing more than a tinted moisturizer. non-comedogenic and will not clog your skin

we are obsessed with the liquid minerals that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished and then adding the pressed powder on top for a flawless finish. non-comedogenic and will not clog your skin


lip drink, lip luxe lipstick, and lip liner are all high quality products that last and hydrate at the same time

lash primer that improves the quality of your lashes while promoting longer lasting results, avoiding mascara clumping, and preventing mascara from transferring onto your skin throughout the day

our blush colors are amazing and universal for all skin types. they are non-comedogenic preventing you from having enlarged pores and/or congestion

sugar & butter lip exfoliator/plumper is one of the most popular Jane Iredale products because it removes dead skin, plumps those tiny lip lines, and creates a perfect smooth platform for your lip product to sit on and last longer


hands down the blending brush is our go-to favorite brush that we can't seem to find anything like it. this brush can apply any foundation effortlessly and make your skin appear air brushed

the fan blush brush makes blending something you can accomplish literally with your eyes closed. this brush makes it impossible to apply too much blush and the entire application does the blending for you

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